Views on implications and impact of ICT in Districts

DR. Vivek Kumar PorwalMr. Vivek Kumar Porwal

District : Jabalpur

The explosive potential of digital world lies in the fact that any form of information-be it data, voice or video-can be converted into series of 0’s and1’s which can be processed to a variety of applications for business and government.

1. ICT has to be used in socially sustainable manner as to maximize its impact
2. ICT process should not be just digital replication of existing paper processes
3. Unreformed Process + ICT = Expensive Process
4. ICT process should replace a paper process. The ICT process should replace manual otherwise it becomes duplicity of work.

Dr. Roshan JacobDr. Roshan Jacob

District : Gonda

ICT is driving national development efforts worldwide and a number of countries in both the developed and developing world are exploring ways of facilitating their development process through ICTs within their economies and societies.

  1. Emergence of ICTs on the national agenda and the announcement of ICTs
  2. Policies by various state governments have recognized the “Convergence of Core Technologies and e-Governance” as the tool for sustainable development and globalization of economy
  3. The Internet, which allows intangible information and ideas to be traded and exchanged instantly, across any distance, is the most recognizable symbol of today’s global, knowledge-driven economy.
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